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Mystery shopping

We are into world of brands today.

The world of brands today is fiercely competitive promoting, your brand and getting heard by the consumer is the crucial area. One needs insights on how the brand is doing and how is it- or is it not experienced by the consumers. Then the thrust areas can be for the consumer's mind to achieve the peak potential.

Infakt offers the specialized and unique solutions to probe the consumer's mind. Its strategic approach, methodology and well audited results makes it the preferred choice of the Industry.


Infakt can achieve to get the insights
in the service & brand in consumer's mind on three levels

Mystery shopping

This can enable strategic changes based on strategic findings by way of mystery shopping of course to grow the enterprise.

Qualitative analysis

This helps you understand how consumers think about your brand, service, its pricing, your brand make up, what turns them off and so on . This can help you make strategic revisions so as to achieve the desired output.

Competition analysis

By enabling you to make informed choices, market research will help you develop a successful business.