Introduction to Mystery Shopping:

1. What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is as tool that companies use to get customer insights on their brand. It helps the organization keep an internal check on staff and maintain service standards.

2. Who are Mystery auditors/ shoppers?

A mystery auditor/shopper is a person who whilst anonymously auditing quality of service of a company or brand, also experiences their services like a real customer.

3. What does mystery shopping involve?

Mystery shopping 'assignment' can be a telephone call, email, letter, and website survey, face to face visit or home visit, etc.

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Can I become a mystery shopper?

4. What type of a person can become a mystery shopper?

Mystery shoppers need to be alert individuals with good memory, observational and writing skills. A mystery shopper needs to be committed, be able to work with strict or tight deadlines, be enthusiastic and reliable. Hospitality professionals will be given preference owing to their pull towards service delivery.

5. Do I need to have any qualifications to become a mystery shopper?

Infakt does not need you to have professional qualifications per se. But if you do have a MSPA or related certifications, they will give you an edge over the others. You must have an inclination towards service quality and we expect you to be well versed with the know-how of service across sectors.

6. Can I pursue mystery shopping as my full time job?

Mystery Shopping is more of a Freelance service at Infakt Insights. It is highly unlikely that people make a full time living out of it, as assignments vary in location. The clients can sometimes be auditor-profile specific (E.g.: A client may require a Female under 35years with coloured hair - to audit a Beauty Salon). Mystery Audit/Shopping is a great way for people who like to earn a little in their spare time or while visiting places in their everyday lives.

7. Am I under a contract?

You are a short term contractor when you are with us, so no, it's not a contract. You are under no obligation to accept any assignments we offer to you, which you don't wish to do; nor can we promise to aware our shoppers a specific quantity of assignments. However, when an assignment is accepted, we expect our auditors/shoppers to faithfully carry out the assignment under the terms in which it was issued and asked.

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What must I do to register? :

8. How do I register?

Complete our online application form  https://infaktinsights.shopmetrics.com/shopperSignup.asp

9. What do I do once I have completed my online registration form?

Once you have completed your form, you will receive an email from us with your login information. You can then login, fill out additional information in your profile and search for work in your area.

10. Why does your form ask for so much personal information?

Clients can be specific in their requirements. We ask for your car and home details etc. as this makes it easier for us to send the assignment to the right people. Sometimes we will be looking for someone with a specific age or make of car, or someone who gets their insurance from a particular company. If you have filled out this information in your profile, we'll be able to contact you to offer you the assignment.

11. Is my personal information shared with a third party?

No, absolutely not. The information you give is for us to select the right mystery shopper for the right assignment.

12.Why do I have a unique ID and password?

All mystery shoppers are given a unique ID and password, in order for us/or you to verify that the email address matches the individual who submitted the online application.

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What do these assignments include? :

13.How will I know when I have an assignment?

We have many mystery shoppers on our database. Depending on the criteria you selected on your application form, we are able to search and filter our database specifically to our clients' requirements. We can then contact mystery shoppers via email or phone with information about the assignment to see if they are interested. Once you are registered on our database, you can log into your profile to search for assignments in your area. We repeat, preference is given to auditors who have performed well in the past. The more information you provide, the more chances of getting desired audits assigned.

14. How many assignments will I get?

We never guarantee regular assignments to our mystery shoppers. Assignments are based on the clients' needs or requirements. This would also depend on your scores and past performances. Auditors who perform audits diligently would be given preference over the others.

15. How long does each assignment take?

Assignments vary in length of time depending on the type of mystery shop. This could range from a 2 minute phone call to assessing an airline by taking a flight!

16.Do I have to do the assignment sent to me?

No. If you are sent an assignment by email, you may or may not accept it. We give you the opportunity of replying, to state that you are interested.

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How will the Form filling process be? :

17. How do I complete the assignment report form?

Our assignment forms are Internet based and instructions will be issued to you when you accept the assignment.

18.How soon do I need to complete the assignment report form?

Report forms are to be completed and submitted within 24 hours of completing the assignment unless you are instructed otherwise by us.

19. How long would each evaluation take?

Time varies depending on the project you apply for. Some projects may only take 15-20 minutes and some may go on for 2-3 hours.

20. Will staff at the store know that a Mystery Shopping is taking place?

All staff should have been informed that their organisation intends to undertake mystery customer research, but they will not be told when or by whom. Under no circumstances should you disclose your identity while observing - and fill your forms later.

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What happens after the audit? :

21. Do I keep my paper-work (Bills, receipts) or send to you?

Any paperwork should be kept for 3 months after the assignment in case of any queries. At times we may ask you to mail us hard copies of the bills/vouchers.

22. Do I get to keep the items I shopped for?

Yes, you'll certainly get to keep whatever you've shopped for, if it is an assignment (Purchase audit) that needs you to buy something.It may differ in some cases.

23.Who will see my completed mystery shop forms?

Reports are processed and reviewed by Infakt Insights. We ensure that all information is entered correctly and according to the requested parameters and that all statements are factual. Individual store reports and detailed summary reports are forwarded to the company heads. Associates who have been evaluated may see your reports, so it is very important to be fair, honest, and objective when completing the audit-form.

24. How do Clients use the reports/forms that I complete?

Clients use the reports to measure, monitor and maintain operational standards for customer service delivery, compliance of policies and procedures, competitor analysis, and to monitor a training initiative or to create a new training practice. This research is used to understand the face-to-face customer's interaction or moments of truth for all points of contact.

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How do I get to know my performance?

25. When can I have a feedback or ratings on the report submitted?

We will send you feedback on your report once your report has been checked by the project managers. This will give you your performance based score.

26. What is Shopper Rating?

Based on the quality of audit performed and the quality of report submitted, each shopper gets a rating .When you get a rating for your report you will get a detailed explanation of that rating as well.

28. Can you explain Shopper Rating?

Your Shopper Rating is a summary of your implementation skills in completing the contracted engagements. It is determined by a number of factors that include reliability, ability to follow instructions, ability to put concise thought to paper, attention to detail, and most importantly dependability. All these aspects are considered when determining your Independent Contractor Mystery Shopper rating. The language and spelling mistakes matter as well.

29. What is Shopper Grading?

Shopper grading is a way of classifying auditors/shoppers into different categories on the basis of their profile with parameters like their educational qualifications, Certifications, their occupation and their performance/shopper ratings - in the previous audits conducted through us.

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How and when will I get paid? :

30. When will I be paid?

We usually make payments within 30 days of receipt of a completed report form, expenses claim form and any other additional paperwork. This will depend on the assignment, so always check your brief for further details.

31. How will I be paid?

We will pay/reimburse you directly into your bank account. Please fill in your bank details in extended profile section

32. How much will I get paid?

The amount we pay for each assignment varies depending on its length and complexity. You will be advised of the fee in the initial email from ourselves, or in your brief.

33. Do you reimburse for mileage, tolls, or parking?

Our clients may or may not include reimbursement for mileage, tolls or parking. This is determined, on a project-by-project basis, depending on the client requisites. If you decide to work outside of your immediate area, you are responsible for any associated costs

34. What do I do with my receipt(s)?

As part of an assignment, you may be required to make a purchase, therefore you would need to keep your receipt, get a scanned copy and send it to us when requested as proof of your visit and purchase.

35. Will I be required to make a purchase always?

Most engagements do not require you to make a purchase. Depending upon the specific engagement, its parameters, and the client specifications, a purchase may be required. When an engagement requires a purchase you must retain a receipt of the transaction for validation. If a purchase is necessary the engagement parameters will highlight how much you will be reimbursed.

36. Can I get the reimbursement or shopper fee in advance before the evaluation is performed?

As per our company policy, we cannot credit the shopper fee or reimbursement amount before the evaluation. As soon as your report is completed we review the report. If the report is okay, we release the payment in minimum 45 days. If there is a variation, it shall be informed.

37. If I don't have a bank account, how do I get paid?

You can provide us with information of your relative's or friend's bank details and we can transfer the money to their account.

38. What if I don't receive my payments after 60 days as per the commitment?

We always try our best to fulfill our commitment, but in case, you haven't received the payments then please mail us on connect@infaktinsights.com and we will revert as soon as possible, with the payment details or status.