Hospitality being the most service oriented industry, needs a deeper analysis for the experience gap. Moreover, here the intangibles have a major impact on the business performance and the experience has a direct correlation with the brand perception and loyalty. With satisfaction a passé, delight becomes the right tool to move ahead. Infakt measures this journey which aims at better customer experience in hospitality industries.

Real Estate

Closing a prospective buyer often depends upon the sales person's attitude. How he projects the property as well as the brand. When the offerings are almost equal and multiple options are available in this price sensitive market, the builder's credibility often plays an important role in closing the deals. Translating the brand’s credibility and positioning it makes or breaks the decisions. Moreover, with multiple properties it becomes a challenge. Infakt’s ‘Mystery Audits’ dive deep into the whole property buying experience from the customer's perspective, to highlight these determinants which aid in decision making.



Patients’ perception towards Hospital / Healthcare services has changed from cure to care and the expectations have moved from needs to wants. In spite of having the best physicians, infrastructure and team many healthcare businesses have to strive hard because of poor experience. Today patients’ experience has become critical for healthcare business growth. Infakt’s ‘Mystery Audits’ address all the touch points in the patients’ lifecycle to give valuable insights for the healthcare providers.


Experience at dealer level from pre -purchase to after sales is directly impacting the recommendation levels of consumers. The choice of brand might also affect by poor experience. With high ticket size the expectations are more and the dealer should rise above the same. Infakt identifies those critical determining factors and add value to enhance the customer experience.


Financial services need to reflect more trust than any other domain and the trust depends upon how the financial institute develops the relationship with the customers. It would be very crucial to understand how the employees translate the values into the engagement. With customer experience becoming the most important aspect, it needs a thorough measurement. Infakt’s feedback throughout the banking process, enhances the customer experience by all sense.



Customers are spoilt for choice, more so ever in the retail sector. With the number of brands offering almost ‘me too’ products, it’s certain that service levels creates a differentiator. The industry is ever growing and so creates a need to keep a close vigilance on services- that exhibit a dynamic nature. Our insights on the consumer’s perception and the growing wants of customers help in keeping pace with the expectations. A lot of energy is spent in understanding what that extra bit is required to create brand loyalty. We evaluate the trouble areas, address the touchpoints that would better the overall buying experience.