Mystery shopping is a tool that companies use to get customer insights on their brand. We help the organization keep an internal check on staff and maintain service standards. At Infakt we understand each brand is unique and so are its issues. We get neck deep in their operations, understand the objective of the exercise and accordingly provide tailor made solutions. Our auditors are well trained and well suited to review your brand and customer expectations. We do our job earnestly and the objective is to provide meaningful returns to the client.

We exist to guide your business decisions by giving you insights into your market, your competitors, your products, your marketing and your customers. By enabling you to make informed choices, market research will help you develop a successful business. Qualitative research is about finding out not just what people think, but why they think about it. It's about getting people to talk about their opinions so you can understand their motivations and feelings. Qualitative Research can be valuable when you are developing new products, coming up with new marketing initiatives or you want to test reactions and refine your approach.

Our Research Helps you analyze:

  • What customers or prospects think and feel about your service
  • How customers choose between different brands
  • How branding, design and packaging influence customers and in what way
  • What sort of marketing messages have the most impact and
  • what turns customers off completely
  • How price affects their decision-making
  • Whether there is demand for a new product or service